We are Davide G. & Davide M., two students of computer science and engineering, respectively. After met by chance on the web we found that we had many common interests related to the world of Crypto coins. Thanks to the computer knowledge of the first and ideas of the second shortly we were able to develop some projects, starting only from primitive concepts and improving them step by step. They are entirely conceived and written by us and they are in some way related to that revolutionary currency, called Bitcoin.

OpenBitLab is born, thus, to gather in a single platform all the projects we have taken care of, with a blog where our users can be constantly updated, express their opinions, giving us tips or ask for help if needed. We always follow with passion the growth of the community in the international scale, from which we hope to have a great support to improve our products. We are supporters of open source and we firmly believe that this revolution can not be stopped, but rather it will change irreversibly the society ... and that's why we are constantly evolving, looking for new ideas and projects to be developed!



Davide (dakk)

Developer & Founder

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Are you interested in our projects? You can finance our works with a small donation in BTC to the address: 13gbybVyaYy5yA7Z7si2zJfo2Aat6d7c8z.

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